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    Biometric Facial Recognition & Security

    American Tech Supply Has Teamed Up With Acsys and AWT (Atlanta Division) to offer Biometric Facial Recognition Systems to government agencies, theme parks, airports, or anywhere immediate public security is of most importance a way to immediately determine if an individual or individuals that may be a threat to your company or institution.Within 10 seconds, our self-learning software will provide 50- 3D images that can be sent to any location or affiliated database to determine if an individual wanted by any number of government agencies. After 911, we can now offer a 100% accurate system to locate and identify potential and existing individuals that may cause harm to your business, institution or government agency.

    The Acsys FRS line of products has been designed to meet and exceed the most common expectations for biometric security solutions. However, due to diverse security requirements, frequently complex integration needs, and the advanced nature of biometric technology, custom solution development may be the appropriate course of action for your organization.

    The Acsys Biometrics team has the technology, skills, experience and commitment needed to address your organization's specific requirements. We provide:

    Security review & assessment
    Biometric solution research & development
    Knowledge transfer
    Post-implementation support

    Call (866) 650-DATA for additional information

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