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American Tech Supply recently purchased by American Teledata, LLC is a Federal Government Telecommunications Equipment and Government Services Supplier for fiber otpic cable , fiber optic equipment, data communications equipment, and fiber and Milspec custom cable- and as a SAM supplier of the United States Government ATS is an authorized disributor for ALL government agencies including the Department of Defense, US Army, US Navy, USMC, US Air Force, Central Command, FEMA, FBI, NSA, CIA, and all other government agencies not listed above.

We have GSA pricing available from our many of out manufacturer partners. American- please visit our new shipping cart.

ATS is a national telecommunications distributor specializing in offering engineering services as well as competitive pricing for government agencies and government contractors.

We often offer LOWER than GSA pricing when GSA pricing is not available.

Please call us for further details at (866)342-3721 or (866) 650-3282.

For Government use only
Trading Partner Profile:

Florida Distribution Center located at: 10870 49th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33762 (727) 547-2200

DUNS: Division Of American Teledata 078376756
TID: American TeleData

If your department is looking for or sourcing telecommunications equipment, data communications equipent, Milspec cable,copper cable or fiber optic security systems, maintaining military apparatus, safeguarding personnel, or maintaining critical data and communications networks, American Tech Supply has the national resources, the tools and equipment of the highest quality at your disposal. is your source for data, telecommunications, government office, and MRO (military and aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul) needs. We provide the raw fiber optic , copper and all communications cable along with accessories to help protect and lengthen the life of wiring and cabling used in the field , on aircraft components and other military equipment. If safety, HIPPA, or data security is an issue, we supply a wide variety of data cabinets, raceway, cable/cord covers, cable trays and server enclosures to help maintain compliance on the battlefield as well as in industrial conditions, office and warehouse environments. We carry top-of-the-line brand names like Corning, OFS, AFL, General Cable, Emerson, APC, Telco Systems, Wiremold, Draka, Bentley-Harris, Panduit, Fluke, Ideal, along with lower cost telecommunications and security alternatives that fit most military specifications. You’ll find over 5,000 GSA and Multiple Award Schedule parts at American- please visit our new shipping cart.

Call us at (866) FIBER-21 or (866) 342-3721 or click on the chat button at the top of the page to talk to one of our representatives.



We Accept All Government Charge Cards

American Tech Supply has several GSA contracts with their manufacturer partners to help guide your government procurement personnel in getting the best possible pricing. ATS also GUARANTEES the LOWEST possible pricing in the USA for all USA based equipment sales. At American Tech Supply , we understand and value the unique needs of our federal government customers by offering a variety of high-quality products to suit their applications. Their mission-critical voice, data, and video traffic are always a driving factor when developing solutions no matter where they reside in the network.

America Tech Supply guarantees all goverment agencies the absolute best and lowest prices for telcommunications, IT equipment and support services in the USA!

American Tech Supply will provide kitting and transport logistic services to all offshore military -government assisted campaigns. We have already sent thousands of products to Iraq and Afghnistan to help the Defense Department including many divisions of the USMC, US Army, USAF & US Navy- to name a few. We will assist in all phases of getting our equipment "kitted", containerized, bundled or wrapped then ship it to anywhere in the USA from Camp Pendleton,Macdill, Quantico, to New Cumberland- or wherever you need your equipment shipped offshore including Iraq and Afghanistan. We ship to all war zones and use FEDEX and DHL. In Iraq we have shipped to several locations including Ramadi, Camp Fallujah, and Al Taqaddum.

With National security and Homeland Security concerns a major issue today, American Tech Supply is a CCR registered company and caters to the special needs of government agencies on all levels- local government, county government, state government and federal government agencies. For government pricing, please call our offices that specialize in government contracts and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives at (925) 944-0777(Northern CA) (727) 546-2200 (Florida) or (866) 342-3721 the tollfree number for our National Call Center.

As a registered DOD supplier, ADS will provide your organization with the most competitive price and guaranteed on-time delivery of all products. For New Product Information, please see our government section below.

We also have in stock generators, rectifiers, PDU's for all disaster recovery and FEMA programs.

We also have in stock thousands of feet of fiber optic trunk cable, innerduct, PE 39, PE89 and PE 22 cable used to provide the infrastructure to rebuild the affected hurricane areas as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of the world that need communications infrastructure rebuilds.

Fiber Optic Security Systems For Inter-Government Communications via Fiber Optic Cable

For Government use only
Trading Partner Profile:

Florida Distribution Center, 10870 49th Street North ,Clearwater, Florida 33762 (866) FIBER- 21- or (866) 342-3721

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS


334210- Data communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers) manufacturing





335921- Fiber Cable Manufacturing

237130 - Fiber Optic Transmission Lines

238210 -Fiber Optics

517919 All Other Telecommuncations

517911- Telecommunications Resellers

517410 - Satellite

517210- Wireless Telcommunications Carriers

519190- All Informations Services

517110- Wired Telecommunications

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)




3663 Radio and Television Broadcasting and Communications Equipment


4813 Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone

Get Gigabit Ethernet Without Rewiring - See Video On Gigabit Ethernet Over "Barbed Wire"

Visit Our Current Customer Applications Pages - Terrabit Server Case Study- University Of Santa Barbara

GIS Application Flyer- Product Description

Additional GIS Resource Applications

GIS Applications

Ascension Parish GIS Case Study

American Tech Supply carries Wideband's Gigabit Ethernet Switches- which can deliver gigabit ethernet via CAT3, CAT 5 up to EIA/TIA standards 100 meters and we also carry other Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch cofigurations- 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch- that outperform Cisco Switches-Cisco Layer 2 switches- and the 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches- 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switches. All Wideband switches outperform Cisco's switches. Dr. Billing's has fiver patents relating to gigabit ethernet technology. Call for addtional information and pricing at (866) 342-3721. For additional information on our Cisco Trade In Program- visit our web page.

Call (866) 342-3721 Or Click On The Chat Button At The Top Of The Page To Talk To One Of Our Representatives

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SIC Code NAICS Code Description
1623-12 23492 Telecommunications Wiring & Cabling
  335921   Fiber optic cable made from purchased fiber optic strand
  334210   Data communications equipment (e.g., bridges, gateways, routers) manufacturing
1731-03 235310 Communications Specialization
3669-98 33429 Communications Equipment NEC - Manufacturers
3679-01 33422 Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment - Manufacturing
4812 513322 Cellular and Other Wireless Telecommunications
4813 Telephone Communications except radio
4822-06 51331 Video Conferencing
4899 Communications Services NEC
4899-03 51339 Communications
5065-10 42169 Telephone Equipment & Systems - Wholesale
5065-14 42169 Intercommunication Equipment Systems/Service - Wholesale/Manufacturers
5065-63 42169 Telecommunication Equipment & Systems - Wholesale/Mfg
5734-02 44312 Computer Parts & Supplies
5734-07 44312 Computer & Equipment Dealers
5999-04 443112 Telephone Equipment & Supplies
7378-04 811212 Computer Wiring
7379-04 541512 Computers - Networking
7382 Security Systems Services