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ATS is not focusing on Data Center Build Out- FTTH- Fiber To The Home and Related Technologies

American Tech Supply and our New York affilliate office supplied over 100 miles of fiber for the 2014 NFL Superbowl in Times Square New York. We also contracted out installation fiber services and fiber splicing to ATEK Communications and their affiliate in New York to install the fiber for "Super Bowl Row" in Times Square.

Recent NEWS: ATS is working to provide a NY State CLEC the first 150 miles of 24, 72, 144 and 288 strand ADSS fiber and materials of projected 9,000 mile FTTH build out over next 4 years. This is a rural Fiber To The Home-FTTH build out that in New York State alone will be more than 9,000 miles. Will keep you posted.




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To provide industry leading products and sercices at a competitive price we had to offer the latest products online using the Internet versus traditional catalog marketing services. By utilizing JIT- Just in Time Services , we can offer you the customer the best service and pricing in delivering product from our website to your door. Just like Amazon, we use a combinetion of stock and drop ship services from our manufacturer partners for standard products. For custom products and services we designate a team of personnel to work with your company to assure maximum product performance at the lowest cost. Our Mission is to provide you , our valued customer, Best Of Breed Telecommunications Distribution Price and Performance.

In January 2014, we worked with our New York affiliate to supply the NFL and the Superbowl with over 120 miles of fiber optic cable with our new "TINI- FIBER"- an armored fiber cable about 1/4 the size and half the price of traditional singlemode armored fiber optic cable. We also provided thousands of CAT 5E and CAT6 custom patch cords and many other products that our team on Long Island New York worked 24/7 to (1) make), certify and test asnd (2) Deliver on time to Times Square and to the Rutherford New Jersey New York Jets Stadium.

Now a bit of history with JIT

In the 1960's Vint Cerf one of the founders of the Internet was contracted out along with a few other brilliant visionaries by the defense community to come up with a system to allow for continued use of worldwide communications in the event of a nuclear attack. It just so happens when nuclear bomb goes off, EMP's otherwise known as electromagnetic impulses are formed by a nuclear explosion anything containing semiconductor circuitry literally fried by the EMP pulse on the board level thisrendering all communications and equipment based on semiconductors useless and also including anything driven or operated with a semiconductor chip. The end result was the Internet was developed to allow for continuous communications with remaining sites or cities around potential targets which were already hit by a nuclear bomb continuing communication with each other. For example if New York or Chicago were hit, then communication could be routed through St. Louis, Paris or Bangkok which is a simple concept yet took years of effort and deveopment to put it all together. When the Soviet Union fell in1989 we had this Internet technology just sitting there until it was released to the private sector. This seamless communications protocol originally designed for the military evolved into today's Internet. I personally asked Vint Serf about the word Surf coming from his last name in 1999 at a dinner in San Jose and he just smiled. Some things are best left unsaid. One of the many functions of the Internet have also been to evolve into a remarkable marketing tool for day to day means of locating strategic partners, customers and products across the globe. Any company is now able to deliver products and services to anyone else across the globe who owns a computer. ATS saw the potential in combining the Internet with JIT technology in 1999 and was one of the first companies in the USA to build a company based on this formula. Now the Internet is full of all kinds of companies following our success. Instead of warehousing enormous quantities of products and have them sitting on shelves, we reduce our costs and pass the savings onto the customer.

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In the last four years, American Tech Supply has partnered with some of the leading corporations in the United States that provide specific telecommunications solutions for the RBOC.s, ILEC's, CLEC's, Fortune 500's and Government users.
American Tech Supply now offers the Internet technology as a solution for corporations, integrators, and individuals the ability to purchase data and telecommunications equipment right from their desktop- and have it delivered the next day- at their doorstep for no extra cost. We are constantly adding new partners such as Telco Systems,Telenetics, Cisco, Motorola, Draka, Corning, Fiberconn, Commscope and more.

American Tech Supply has also recently partnered with the TIA. The Telecommunications Industry Association has been building a complete B2B Intranet shopping cart for American Tech Supply's customer;s and all of the TIA's current 5 + million visitors a month to buy and sell telecommunications products. American Tech Supply will be working with the TIA in marketing all their products and services to TIA members and web site visitors. TIA members will be getting an additional discount for the first year to promote the TIA site- provided they purchase products via the TIA B2B Shopping Cart Portal. Please visit for more information.

We are also looking for investors and "equity partners" to open new offices and share in the coming expansion of our company in the telecommunications marketplace. We welcome any new business opportunity that makes "sense"- therfore we encourage interest from new partners, suppliers, potential investors and future employees that want to grow with us. We are also looking to open additional offices throughout the United States and Internationally. If interested in teaming up with us please send us an email below with your qualifications. If you are interested in more information about American Tech Supply as a partner, employee or investor, please refer to the link below or if you have any questions feel free to send us an email at:

Thank you for your interest in American Tech Supply and know we value each of our customers as if they were our " only customer. "

EG Hunter, Founder - American Tech Supply



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