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    Fiber Optic Transmission

    Fiber Optic Modems T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modems T3/ E3 Fiber Optic Modems Async/Sync Fiber Optic Modems- Fiber Optic Transceivers- Fiber Optic Multiplexers- Ethernet Media Converters- Telephone Extenders-Fiber Optic Media Converters- Rack Mount Modems, Rack Mount Media Converters- Fiber Optic Converters- Singlemode Converters- Multimode Converters- CWDM-Course Wave Division Multiplexers-WDM- Wave Division Multiplexers- WDM-DWDM-CWDM

    ATEK carries a complete line of fiber optic transmission products including fiber optic modems, fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic media converters, WDM's, T1/E1 fiber optic modems, T3/E3 fiber optic modems, fiber optic rack mount modems, rack mount media converters, and fiber optic multiplexers, from several different manufacturers including Allied Telesyn, Opterna (Formerly Sun Conversion), CXR, Canoga Perkins, Versitron, TCC, Telco Systems, and others. Our General products include Fiber Optic Modems & Multiplexers; Fiber Optic Data/Telephone Multiplexers; Fiber Ethernet Switches, Transceivers & Media Converters and Ethernet/Fiber/RS-232 Telephone Extenders. Specialty products include Industrial-Hardened Ethernet and Multi-Drop Fiber Modems & Multiplexers for SCADA, Traffic Control, Security & Process Control applications. Fiber Optic Modems are often used to link various process control systems in manufacturing plants, refineries, etc. It is also used to connect Remote Terminal Units to SCADA hosts or controllers in Utility environments.

    ATEK is now a partner of MRV Communications- please feel free to visit their site for information while we are building up their product section on our web site

    Or Call (866) FIBER-21


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