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ATEK Carries a complete line of IDEAL FIBER OPTIC TESTERS, including Visual Fault Finders, Fiber Optic Scopes, Fiber Optic Continuity Testers, and Fiber Tool Test Kits

VFF5 Ideal Visual Fault Finder - List $495.00 Our Price $ 410.00- Trade- $395.00
Finds Breaks, Faulty Splices and Crimps
Poor Components or Connections
Low-Cost, Basic Fiber Test Tool
High Output, Class 2, 670nm Laser Diode
Includes Carrying Case, Lens Cap, Batteries,
Lanyard, and Instruction Sheet, Rugged,
Metal Housing

The VFF5 Visual Fault Finder is a light source used to locate breaks and misconnections in fiber optic cables.

It's ideal to verify continuity, test and find breaks in LANs, fiber data links and loops, telephone, shipboard and other vessels, and intrinsically safe process applications where fiber is used instead of copper.

* Finds Breaks, Faulty Splices and Crimps, Poor Components or Connections
* Low-Cost, Basic Fiber Test Tool
* Slim, Pocket-Sized Tool
* High Output, Class 2, 670nm Laser Diode
* Includes Carrying Case, Lens Cap, Batteries, Lanyard, and Instruction Sheet Rugged, Metal Housing
* Battery-Powered

A hand-held, battery-powered tool, the VFF5 projects a highly visible red light into a fiber optic cable. The operator simply looks at the length of cable and where light is seen, there is a break. The VFF5 is equipped with a high-power, extra long-life, 670nm laser diode which operates either in Continuous (CW) or Modulated (MOD; 1Hz Pulse) mode. A slide switch allows the user to select the mode. Any breaks will be seen as a conspicuously glowing or blinking red light area. A red LED on the outer case echoes the operation mode selected.

The VFF5 is useful over a distance of 5km (3 miles) and can be used with single-mode and multimode cable. Use it as a stand-alone first-line basic troubleshooting tool, or in conjunction with an OTDR to pinpoint faults. The unit is packaged in a pocket-sized, rugged metal housing and is fitted with a standard ST connector.

45-331 Ideal Fiber Optic Continuity Tester
Powerful Krypton light source provides
long range over multimode fiber
Soft ferrule gripping membrane is
designed to protect finished ferrules
while firmly securing the connector
in the tester body
Clips conveniently into a shirt pocket
and is no larger than most pens
Operates on 2 AA batteries (included)

45-330 100x Ideal Fiber Optic Scope and Adapter
The Fiber Optic Viewing Scope makes it
simple to view ST/SC/SF, pre-encapsulated FDDI,
and the ends of the fiber before and after the
cleaving operation
Multi-functional scope allows use of the
100x adapter or the 200x - 400x adapter
200x - 400x adapter is included
Stranded knurl enables ST/SC/FC and
pre-encapsulated FDDI connector
Easy field adjustment design

ATS 33-900 Ideal Basic Fiber Tool Kit
Basic kit for fiber optics
Kit includes;
Fiber Optic Scope
Fiber Continuity Tester
ST/SC Polishing Disk
Carbide Scribe
KEVLAR® Scissors
Carrying Case
KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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ATEK Carries A Full Line Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products from several leading manufacturers. We have a complete line of Power Meters, Light Sources,OTDR's, Test Kits, Optical Power Meters, Inspection Scopes, and many more.

If you do not see your product listed, please call our sales office for additional information.ATS also carries refurbished fiber optic test equipment at greatly reduced prices. Call us for additional details.

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We carry manufacturers from Advanced Fiber Solutions,Noyes, Fluke, Seikoh Giken, Ideal, Exfo, Perkin Elmer, Ocean Optics and more. We carry a full range of OTDR's, Optical Loss Power Meters, Laser and LED Light Sources,Fiber Optic Splicing Kits, and more. We Have Hundreds Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products- Too Many To List Here- If It's Fiber Optic Related Test Equipment- We Have It- For LESS!!

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