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Welcome to our Kendall Howard home page, Please choose from the Kendall Howard Data Cabinets, Server Cabinets, Lan Stations, Racks, Wall Mount Racks, Kendall and Technical Furniture for additonal information and pricing.The Kendall Howard 25U 2-Post Eco Rack is the perfect racking solution for wiring closets, telecom rooms, and data centers. The 800 lb. weight capacity will support all of your telephony and network equipment such as patch panels, switches, routers, and more. The unique design features both cage nut style and 10-32 tapped rails, and with six possible anchor points to ensure stability, the Kendall Howard 25U 2-Post Eco Rack is perfect for any environment.

Economical Design
Made from American grade cold rolled steel, this relay rack combines the strength and dependability of a Kendall Howard solution with a cost-conscious price point.

Gangable design makes locking these racks together quick and easy.

Quick Assembly
The knockdown frame is quick and easy to assemble. The self-squaring frame only requires an Allen key, a wrench, and approximately 15 minutes of assembly time before your rack is ready to be populated.

Unique Rail Design
Whether you like working with universal cage nut style rails or tapped rails, the Kendall Howard Eco Rack allows you to use your preference. The U shaped rail channel has the universal square cut outs for cage nuts on one side and 10-32 tapped mounting holes on the other .


Kendall Howard Product Categories

If you are looking for the right wall mount rack at the right price, the LINIER® brand is the solution for you. The Fixed Wall Mount Cabinets provide stability and durability for your valuable server and network equipment. The feature rich design gives you a universal enclosure, guaranteed to function for a variety of applications.
Wall Mount Racks/Cabinets
The 3110 series is one of Kendall Howard's best looking LINIER® enclosures. Our design is packed with some of the most popular rack features for a price virtually anyone can afford. Built with a 36" depth, this LINIER® Server Cabinet is suitable for network servers, battery backups, switching banks, and other larger network equipment. The cabinet features laser knockouts allowing you to install fans, while removable slots provide numerous cable routing options. When you need a low cost solution loaded with features, the LINIER® brand delivers big.
The 12U Compact Series SOHO Cabinet is a sleek and robust server cabinet specially designed for the small business, home office, or IT professional who wants better than just "good enough". The small profile cabinet easily rolls under a work surface, tucks away in a closet or squeezes into the places full size racks cannot. Need a desk top solution? Simply remove the casters and it can be set on any flat surface.

Full Size Racks/Enclosures
Kendall Howard has a complete cable management systems for commercial, military, aerospace, corporate, and small office applications alike, from trays, spacers, kits, etc., The large Kendall Howard Rackmount Keyboard Tray line will complement them all. This heavy duty design is one of the most robust pull-out keyboard trays on the market. Don't be fooled by its sleek, low profile appearance. This keyboard tray was built to last. The keyboard and touchpad mouse simply slide out when needed to provide quick and easy access to your network
Rack Accessories
The Kendall Howard DVR Security Lock Box safely secures devices such as video recorders, sensitive network appliances, DVR systems, and even tower computers. Its 15" depth makes this DVR Lock Box suitable for low profile DVR or recording systems. Designed to be a desktop or wall mount solution, this secure lock box allows you to prevent unauthorized use of your equipment in a variety of environments.
PC Security

Whether you need a computer lab, imaging station, technical bench, heavy-duty storage system, or sleek office furniture for a call center, the Performance Plus Modular Furniture System does it all. While most modular systems are built-to-order, our components are built-to-stock so they have a lower cost and save you money.And we also have several off the shlf versions for the most common work environments.

Kendall Howard's 4-Post Performance Plus Modular Furniture Systems' simple design enables you to create the perfect computer lab or work environment. There are several ways to easily and quickly configure this system. It's a customizable product without the custom price tag!

Technical Furniture

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