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Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

Noyes Mini OTDR



Available multimode (850/1300 nm), singlemode (1310/1550 nm), or four-wavelength configurations

  • Automatic or manual set up

  • Real-time testing

  • Large, backlit, color display

  • Keyboard with full-sized keys for fast text entry

  • Trace storage on 3.5" diskettes, CompactFlash™ card
    (over 1500 traces), and internal memory

  • Trace 600 Software for Windows and NT 4.0

  • Available Fiber Boxes (launch and receive cables)

  • Available M600-VFI module

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The M600 is a rugged, field-portable, and very user friendly mini-OTDR. When equipped with multimode and singlemode modules, it is the ideal OTDR for technicians and contractors who test and fault-locate premises, access, metro, and broad-band fiber networks.

The M600 offers automatic and manual setup modes to meet the needs of both novice and experienced users.

The M600 OTDR or "optical time domain reflectometer" tests an optical fiber link, while having access to only one end of the link, by generating short pulses of light, sampling reflected light as a function of time, and converting these samples into a graph or "trace" of insertion loss versus distance. Based on the shape of the trace the M600 can locate and analyze fiber link "events" such as connections, splices, bends, and breaks.

Traces can be saved to internal non-volatile memory, CompactFlash™ (removable mass storage device) capable of storing over 1500 traces, or floppy disks. Using the supplied CompactFlash™ reader (USB) or floppy disk, saved traces can be transferred to a PC for archiving, printing, and analyzing with the supplied Trace600 Windows™ software.

The Trace600 batch printing feature is an efficient way to generate hard copy documentation for certification.

Each saved trace is identified using an eight character file name and an optional 30 character cable identifier. To speed up the fiber identification process, the M600 can automatically increment and include a fiber number in each file name.

Text may be entered by using the supplied keyboard or by selecting the appropriate letters and numbers from a menu on the M600 display.

The M600 OTDR may be equipped with a Visible Fault Identifier (VFI) module. The VFI module is a 650 nm visible red laser source designed to troubleshoot faults on fiber optic cables.

Light generated by the VFI module will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fibers, as well as poorly mated connectors. Thus, the VFI can identify faults in fiber optic jumper cables, distribution frames, patch panels, and splice trays.

The VFI module is an excellent compliment to an OTDR because it can locate faults inside the OTDR's dead-zone. Other applications include end-to-end continuity checks, identifying connectors in patch panels, and identifying fibers during splicing operations.

The universal connector interface provides fast operation with many connector styles without changing an adapter.