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For the best modem deals and lowest prices on all your Motorola cable modems, Telenetics industrial modems, UDS modems and Motorola data/fax modems.

American Tech Supply is an authorized distributor and carries a complete line of Telenetic's Products and Motorola Products. Telenetics has taken over Motorola Corporation's line of modems, CSU/DSU's, ISDN modems, Digital Bridges, Data/ Fax modems, and T-1 modems.


Motorola Modems- Codex Modems, UDS Modems

The Sunrise Series of data/fax modems, DSU/CSU¹s, digital bridges, ISDN modems, X.25 switches and T1 modems are designed for complex communications networks and are approved for use throughout the world.

Formerly manufactured by Motorola's Multiservice Network Division.


Flash Poll Modems- Leased Line Modems

Ideal for SCADA systems, traffic automation and similiar applications, the Telenetics® FlashPoll DSP9612 is a cost-effective, full-featured fast poll, leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry: 23msec RTS/CTS delay.

FlashPoll is designed to optimize communication links where high speed or unlimited number of drops is necessary.

9600bps, with selectable 1200bps (Bell 202T) mode
Fast train modem equalizer with 23 msec RTS/CTS delay
DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer
Built-in wide range switching power supply for worldwide applications
Leased-line interface protected with heavy-duty surge protection

Wireless Communications

The Omega provides a wireless cellular connection for 2-way communications with a wide variety of remote equipment. Popular utility applications include automated meter reading (AMR) and substation automation (isolation against GPR). Numerous other applications are emerging in the oil and gas industry, traffic automation and industrial automation fields.

The Omega includes a powerful transceiver and antenna combination, ensuring reliable connectivity well beyond the range of conventional voice cellular phones.

With the optional 8-Port Line Sharing Module, a single Omega can be connected to multiple devices. Each port is addressable for data communications and one port can be assigned as a default port for handset voice service.

Power can be supplied from a wide range of AC voltages. The switching power supply is isolated against surges and transients in accordance with ANSI C.37-90. An optional internal rechargeable battery will power the Omega for several hours when there is a failure of the primary power supply.

A variety of antennas are available, including a 3dB gain whip, 5dB gain elevated feed and Yagi. The compact, rugged NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, and the Omega package is designed for operation over a wide range of temperatures.

Over 15,000 Omega units have been installed on the Duquesne Light Company system and communicate daily interval data as well as report alarms and events from approximately 32,000 revenue meters.



Telentics Industrial Modems

To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of utility substations and industrial facilities, Telenetics has developed a family of Industrial grade modem products that can operate from various AC/DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.


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