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Today it seems everyone wants high-speed data, dependable voice service, and high-quality video. Whether these services are delivered by digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modems, or wireless architectures is insignificant as long as the service is fast and dependable. Many cellular companies like T-Mobile offer free minutes as long as your WiFi enabled phone is in a "hotspot." All current laptops ship WiFi enabled, the market is growing, and by 3rd Q 2009 all cell phones will be Internet active.

Offering WiFi hotspot service will be an advantage in attracting customers to your business; whether you are a Campground, Marina, Hotel, Hospital or Coffee Shop and this is a low cost service that you must offer. We have outdoor, premise and community as well as university packages, even detailed billing software to create a profit center as well as content filtering to protect your WiFi's integrity, so call your knowledgeable sales executive today for a custom quotation.


From Connectronics, well known for their wireless and connectivity products, is The Proxim AP-700, one of the best 802.11a/b/g access points on the market today. You can choose one of those frequencies while the AP-4000 is an 802.11A and G access point along with being a Mesh Radio. This AP-700 is a true enterprise class AP not only in its hardware but the “Warp” protocol software which drives it, and it is well known for both power and stability. Utilizing an integrated antenna, you can also add an external antennae using using a pigtail adapter. All antenna and Ethernet cables are hand made, checked, tested and guaranteed to work. The antenna, made by Wi-Fi Plus, a company with a proven track record to outperform their competition, is multi polarized able to penetrate through obstacles and better receive, making it highly compatible with the Proxim AP-700.

For large Wi-Fi deployments, the AP-4000 allows you to run 5ghz and 2.4ghz simultaneously for dual band access or in a mesh environment the 2.4ghz used for client access and the 5ghz used to backhaul data from node to node back to the POP. Another key feature is that both radios are POE (power over Ethernet) driven (or 120v) so you can simply run a single CAT5 cable to them and get data and power at the same time. It supports enterprise voice and video applications:

  • ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP) enables mesh backhaul and Wi-Fi coverage on the same radio, while the second radio is used exclusively for Wi-Fi coverage Automatic, universal Wi-Fi client interoperability
  • Industry-leading throughput with 802.11b/g and 802.11a simultaneous operation
  • Unique 802.11a scalability - external antenna connector for increased transmit distance
  • IEEE 802.11e quality of service support for latency-sensitive applications
  • Robust RADIUS accounting and authorization interface enables detailed subscriber usage tracking
  • Enhanced security with AES encryption
  • Seamlessly integrates with ORiNOCO Outdoor Mesh Access Points to extend mesh networks outdoors  


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