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    Free Space Optics

    Free Space Optics-MRV Photonic Air Link-Photonic Air Link- Wireless Optical Transmission- Optical T-1, Optical E-1, Optical Multiplexer-Free Space Optic Data Transmission-Optical Data Transmission Without Power

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    American Tech Supply now carries the low-cost MRV TereScope 1 free space optics photonic air link which is a new breed of Free-Space Optics transmitter that is free of electronics and does NOT require power.The new breed of free space optics technology allow you to provide data transmission without expensive power requirements of the past.In the past, if you wanted to place wireless equipment at a location, you needed run power to the site- taking time and money. The TereScope 1 has changed this. Built for speed, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, the TereScope 1 uses a patented design to avoid the need for power and costly planning. As a passive, protocol independent technology, it also maximizes the flexibility of your network for years to come. MRV provides options for Fast Ethernet or T1/E1 connectivity to either MRV or 3rd party products.

    Now we carry MRV's entire line of Photonic Air Link Products

    Introducing the latest in Free-Space Optics technology
    The TereScope 1 – A New Innovation by MRV: Photonic Air Link

    TereScope 1 — The TereScope 1 optical wireless systems provide direct, fiber-speed communication to solve the bottleneck
    TereScope 155 Protocol Select — Looking for an inexpensive, secure way to connect or expand your network?
    TereScope 34 — TereScope 34 systems provide wireless, full duplex Ethernet links, at distances up to 3.3 km.
    TereScope 10 — The TereScope 10 systems supply wireless Ethernet links of 10 Mbps, full duplex..
    TereScope 2 — Wireless Telephony Solutions for the Enterprise or Service Provider

    The outdoor transmitter can be placed on a rooftop, tower, behind an office window, or wherever makes the most sense for your application. An indoor unit is placed inside your network operations center with the rest of your switching equipment. All you need to make the TereScope 1 to become operational is to run fiber from the indoor unit to the outdoor transceiver-it’s that simple.


    Fast Ethernet, full duplex
    T1/E1 Connectivity Option
    Ranges up to 380 m
    No power required
    No licensing
    Class 1M eye safety
    Immune to EMI/RFI

    Main Applications

    Cellular networks
    Campus environments
    Disaster recovery
    Fiber backup

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